Hazing Education

Campus Recreation and The University of Dayton recognize that hazing practices have been an unfortunate part of sports and organizational cultures throughout much of history. We have organized this group of resources to provide information and educational opportunities to the students in our sport club programs, their coaches and concerned family members. Understand that these resources are just informational and and in no way represent official university policy (unless otherwise stated). We encourage all visitors to this page to contact someone immediately if you feel you have been involved with, witnessed or learned of any inappropriate activities involving our organizations. Copied below are those suggested points of contact:

Phone Number Emergency Non-Emergency
Police/Medical 911 X
University of Dayton, Community Standards and Civility 937.229.4627 X
Mark Hoying, Assistant Director of Intramurals and Sport Clubs 937.229.2712 X

If you have information that you would like to share regarding a possible hazing incident involving one of our sport club programs, please submit a Hazing Incident Form (Below) or using the Community Standards and Civility reporting process using the following link. DO NOT USE THESE FORMS IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS. Please dial 911 to contact Police or Medical personel as soon as possible. Submitting this form does not constitute an official University report. This information will assist Campus Recreation in attempting to prevent further incidents.

Hazing Incident Report Form

Below, please describe in as much detail as is possible the potentially inappropriate behavior. Specific information is extremely valuable to us in our attempt to handle this situation appropriately and effectively. Please accept our sincere gratitude in your willingness to help make our Sport Club program a safer community. We encourage you to contact Community Standards and Civility to make an official report. We cannot guarantee that this information will be kept confidential.

* I learned of this incident through...
First Hand Account
Word of Mouth
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