The first step in the proposal process is to determine whether you need to work with the contracts and grants office or with foundation relations. You can read about the distinctions below, but in essence, foundation relations assists with private donors and foundations, and the contracts and grants office can help with research grants and contracts. The easiest way to begin is to contact us directly. We're here to help you.

The foundation relations office coordinates partnerships with all foundations on behalf of the University. Services include:

  • monitoring funding interests of private foundations and relaying Requests for Proposals to academic units;
  • serving as a single point of contact for coordinating activities with prospective donors in order to avoid duplicate or competing requests;
  • coordinating proposal development and preparation, particularly for institutional initiatives with foundations and corporations;
  • supplying institutional information, such as audited financial statements or documentation of tax-exempt status; and
  • supporting post-award administrative requirements.

The contracts and grants office is directly responsible for the negotiation, execution and administration of all University of Dayton agreements with sponsors of research grants and contracts. Its responsibilities include:

  • serving as liaison with sponsor(s);
  • proposal preparation and submission;
  • budget preparation;
  • award negotiations and administration;
  • subcontract management;
  • intellectual property and technology rights oversight; and
  • ensuring compliance with government regulations.


After all unit-specific requirements have been met; all funding requests to private foundations must be reviewed and approved by the University development office. If the desired funding is solely for research activities, UDRI must be involved. In such instances, CGO and OFR will work together closely. Contact us and we can get you started.


Funding awards made from private foundations are stewarded through the development office. Contact our team and we can point you in the right direction. 


Foundation representatives are welcome to visit campus to meet participants and principal investigators and to experience the University’s capacity for research, innovation, outreach and service. Contact the foundation relations staff to coordinate a visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a private foundation?

A: A private foundation is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization with funds and programs managed by its own trustees or directors.

Q: What is a payout requirement?

A: The payout requirement refers to the minimum amount that private foundations must expend for charitable purposes. In general, a private foundation must meet or exceed an annual payout requirement of 5 percent of the average market value of its total assets.

Q: What are the various types of foundations?

A: Community foundation: A 501(c)3 organization that makes grants for charitable purposes in a specific community or region.

Corporate foundation: A private foundation whose assets are derived primarily from the contributions of a for-profit business.

Family foundation: An independent private foundation whose funds are derived from members of a single family. Family members often serve as officers or board members of family foundations and play a significant role in their grantmaking decisions.

Independent foundation: A grantmaking organization usually classified by the IRS as a private foundation.

Operating foundation: A 501(c)3 organization classified by the IRS as a private foundation whose primary purpose is to conduct research, social welfare, or other programs determined by its governing body or establishment charter. Operating foundations may, on occasion, fund grants.

Q: What is an RFP?

A: RFP is short for “request for proposal.” An RFP is a funder’s written announcement inviting proposals, usually for a grant program. The RFP contains project specifications and application procedures and deadlines. The foundation relations office serves as a clearinghouse for many RFPs from private foundations. Foundation relations and UDRI work together to make academic units, centers, departments and faculty aware of appropriate funding opportunities.


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