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University of Dayton MBA Program Bachelor's Plus Master's (BPM) Program

The University of Dayton Bachelor’s Plus Master’s (BPM) program encourages UD undergraduate students to continue their studies and complete a Master’s Degree at UD.

  • The 2013-14 tuition discount per credit hour is 33% for the MBA program
  • Please submit the BPM application as early as your junior year, but no later than your last semester as an undergraduate
  • Students need to have a GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Acceptance into the BPM does not automatically mean acceptance into the MBA program
  • Students should apply to the MBA Program using the MBA application online
  • Tuition discount extends to 12 months after graduation
  • Students have the ability to take a semester off for an internship without penalty

School of Business MBA Program

 Application for Admission to Bachelor's Plus Master's Program

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