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Internship Performance Evaluation

Performance Review

  • Rate the intern’s level of performance, using the definitions below and referring to the intern's job description and UD Department of Communication Internship Learning Agreement, which includes the intern's Educational Objectives.
  • Identify areas of achievement and need for improvement in the space provided.
  • Provide an overall rating in the space provided.

Performance Rating Definitions

The following ratings are offered to ensure some consistency on overall ratings. Please feel free to offer comments to support your ratings, which will help the Communication Department internship director advise the student for future course work, internships and jobs.

Outstanding: Performance was consistently superior

Exceeds Expectations: Performance was routinely above job requirements

Meets Expectations : Performance was regularly competent and dependable

Below Expectations: Performance frequently failed to meet job requirements

Unsatisfactory: Performance was consistently unacceptable

* KNOWLEDGE OF WORK: Measure intern's skill level, knowledge and understanding of the job coming into the position.
Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations
Below Expectations
Not Applicable
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